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OMS FT-20 Pallet Shrink Hooding Machine

The OMS FT-20 is a stand-alone, turntable pallet shrink hooding machine.  It features a gas-powered hot-air blower which will shrink pre-formed bags which have been previously applied to the packs manually. This end-of-line packaging machine has been designed for low-volume applications. 

Compared to hand-held flame guns, the heat application is controlled, constant and repeatable, and there is no risk of the film being punctured which can occur when the film is shrunk manually.  It is also a safer process than using a flame gun, as the flames are contained within the blower assembly.

Key Features

  • Innovative Hot Air Gas Burner System (No Flame).
  • Optimized Shrink System regardless of environmental conditions. 
  • Energy Saving Operation (Flame is only ignited during wrapping operation). 
  • Automatic Gas Cut Off if ignition is interrupted. 
  • Flame control systems avoid the risk of unburned gases escaping.
  • Automatic pallet height detection.
  • Semi-automatic system reduces risk of Repetitive Strain Injury.

Download the specification sheet.

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