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Strapping, wrapping and hooding systems

Established in 1947, and based in Löhne near Hannover, Germany, Wrapsolut (formely FEV) is a leading manufacturer of horizontal stretch wrapping machines, also known as tunnel wrappers or spiral wrappers.

Wrapsolut supplies wrappers to all market sectors, including long shaped products such as architraves, mouldings, aluminium or plastic profiles, radiators or garden tools.

There are also machines specially designed to wrap more specialized products such as Plastic Boxes or Cardboard Boxes, Furniture Carcases, Sachets of Pet Food, Ladders, Alloys, Wheels and Tyres, Trays and even complete pallets.

For certain products, a pre-drape film system can be positioned on the in-feed on the machine to cover the product in stretch film or bubble wrap immediately prior to wrapping, thereby insuring that all 6 sides are wrapped.