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13 January 2017

Never judge by the look ...

Image result for Peregrine Falcon fastest animal on earth

                          Above fastest animal on earth: Peregrine Falcon @200mph. Fastest automatic strapper: Strapack F18 @4800 straps ph.


StraPack F-18 description

As the world’s fastest strapping machine, the F-18 does 80 cycles per minute. With an internal wheel for a compact fit, it is convenient for tight areas. The reel rotation is stopped by an electromagnetic reel brake. It also has an integrated foot bar, height adjustment, and an end-of-strap ejection. Its eco-friendly design uses 50% less power than the RQ-8x.

Main features:

  • up to 80 straps per minute
  • internal coil holder
  • integrated foot bar for 2 handed operation
  • cycle counter
  • only 74.5dB
  • Adjustable table height
  • Self correcting technology
  • Automatic re-feed