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Strapping, wrapping and hooding systems

Types of Strapping Machines

15 April 2020

Which strapping machine do I need?

Strapping equipment can be used for applications as varied as construction briques to consumer goods. The choice of machine depends on the volume of products being strapped and the nature of the products themselves. Gordian offers a comprehensive range of strapping machines to suit viturally all industries. 

Which type of strapping equipment is available?

There are 4 main types:

Gordian GSX Hand Strap Machine

Hand strapping

the full process is manual and requires an operator at all times. The operator uses a portable hand strapping tool (manual or battery operated) to strap the package. This is for low volume applications.


entry-level stand alone machines where the operator positions the package, loops the strap around it and presses the start button. The strap is then automatically tensioned and welded. Semi-automatic strappers are ideal for low volume applications. Semi-automatic strappers are quite versatile and can strap a wide range of different products and pack sizes. 


an operator places the package inside the arch of the machine. The strap is fed and applied automatically.


an automated strapping system doesn't require an operator. It integrates into an existing packaging line. The product is fed into the strapping machine through a conveyor system. A photo-cell detects the pack position and the product is strapped.

Gordian strapping machines are robust and low maintenance, meaning lower cost of ownership. They are designed and built to high engineering standards for demanding end of line packaging applications where uptime performance and operating efficiencies are critical.

Our customers can be assured of good advice on machine selection, long-term operational reliability and after-sales field support from our team of service engineers who operate nationally, throughout the UK. Spare parts are held by local engineers and centrally at our Basingstoke head office.