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Strapping, wrapping and hooding systems

Why do companies use strapping or banding?

30 January 2014

The main reasons for using strapping are as follows:

  • Security - strapping improves pack security by making it more difficult to open and easier to spot evidence of pilferage.
  • To seal a pack, i.e. strapping a lid onto a carton of some kind, or keeping folding flaps closed.
  • Stability - strapping improves pack stability, i.e. bundles of newspapers which need to be restrained for stacking and handling.
  • Locking tall loads to pallet bases for safe storage and transportation.
  • Binding multiple packs together.

Our range of strapping and banding includes:

  • Polyester strapping
  • Polypropylene strapping
  • Paper & Film banding
  • Steel strapping
  • Corded strapping

If you think that your company would benefit from using strapping or banding, please give our Sales Team a call on 01256 394400 or use the 'Contact Us' page.