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Stretch Hood Machines

Gordian Strapping is a leading supplier of wrapping machines which can apply stretch plastic hood to palletised as well as non-palletised goods. Applying a Stretch Hood to a pallet is a common method of packaging palletized products, which can range from building materials to food & beverage to paper. 

Stretch Hooding involves applying a stretchable, gusseted plastic bag to a pack without using heat. The stretch film is supplied on a reel, the stretch hood machine draws the film to the desired length, welds and cuts it to form the hood.  The hood is then lowered over the pack until the stretch hooder releases it at the desired position (often at conveyor level).

This method of stretch wrapping provides stability during transport and protection from dust. If the product has already been secured with plastic straps, a thinner gauge film might be used simply for product branding. 

Typically stretch hood film is available from 50 - 150 micron thickness. Different formulations of stretch hood film are available for more specialist applications. Super stretch films (70 - 110 micron gauge) have been developed to offer a higher percentage stretch ratio than standard stretch hood films. Super Stretch films are ideally suited to large format products (ceramics, wood, plasterboard, insulation) where it would be unfeasible to produce a reel of standard stretch hood film that is wide enough. Other markets include corrugated board where super stretch film can be used to hood a wide variety of different pack sizes using the same film width. Ultra-Thin Films (20 - 40 micron) are also growing in popularity. They are mainly used for palletized products in the food industry (fresh and dry) and in the logistics industry. Ultra-Thin films are typically suited to products that are shipped in regular shaped boxes.

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