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Strapping, wrapping and hooding systems

Film Curtain Applicator for Horizontal Wrappers

An optional film curtain system is available for many of the FEV spiral wrappers. Designed to protect sensitive products and/or to ensure that all 6 faces of the product are wrapped, it is compatible with stretch film, bubble-film or foam. 


The system consists of 2 elements:

1) Moveable Film Carriages;
2) Sealing & Cutting Device.

The system uses a top and a bottom film roller.  Products are fed manually into the film-curtain system. The driven conveyor and top pressure roller following the pre-drape system indexes the products automatically. Once each product has been wrapped, the film is cut and the ends are sealed together automatically, thereby creating a new curtain for the next product.  The sealing and cutting temperature is adjusted and controlled electronically, thereby ensuring that different materials with different thicknesses and sealing temperatures can be used.  To meet CE guidelines, the system is guarded on each side.


Products that can benefit from the film curtain system include:  architraves, mouldings, aluminium or plastic profiles, radiators and insulation board.

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