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Horizontal Wrapper for Pallets

The CL 050-1600 and CL 050-1800 are specially designed to horizontally wrap palletized products.  They feature a steel frame to protect the machine from damage by the fork lift truck.


The pallet is positioned inside the wrapping ring via fork lift truck.  The fork lift driver starts the wrapping cycle via a remote control located inside the vehicle. Depending on the application, the pallet can be moved horizontally during the wrapping process to create an even layer of stretch film.  Once the products have been wrapped, the forklift driver stops the wrapping process. The machine automatically clamps and cuts the film.  The forklift driver then removes the pallet form the wrapper.

Machine features:

  • Safe, enclosed wrapping ring
  • Infinitely variable film tension
  • Quick-change film system
  • Remote Control
  • Ring speed adjustable via potentiometer
  • Frame (1400Wmm x 800Hmm)protects wrapping ring from damage by fork lift truck
  • Automatic film hold & cut mechanism
  • Wrapping Speed up to 90 rpm
  • Wrapping Time approx. 60 secs.
  • Max. Film Width 250mm, 38mm or 76mm Core

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