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Strapping, wrapping and hooding systems

Motion/ E-Motion Robot Stretch Wrappers

The Motion and E-Motion are self-propelled robots that wrap pallets of any size, weight or shape using stretch film or net.  The Motion can save up to 99 programmes.  The E-Motion can save up to 6 programmes.  Both machine variants are available with the following film carriage options:     Mechanical Brake (MB), Electromechanical Brake (EB) Motorised 200% Pre-Stretch (MPS) or Motorised Pre-Stretch with 2 Motors (MPS2).

 Features (Motion/ E-Motion):
  • Microprocessor control panel with programmable digital display.
  • 2 AGV batteries 12 V 110Ah connection in series (sealed, maintenance free).
  • Integrated, high frequency battery charger with LED control and external plug.
  • 150-180 pallets per charge.  Charging time 8-10 hours.
  • Rotation speed up to 48m/ min.
  • Load height sensing photocell.
  • Wrapping height (incl. pallet) max: 2150mm (2700mm, 3000m or 3500mm optional).
  • Beeper and Flashing Light during machine movement.
  • Emergency stop with motor brake.
  • Push-buttons for start, stop, reset & emergency stop.
  • Push buttons for manual movement of machine.
  • Slots on both sides to lift using a fork lift truck.
  • Lockable keypad.
  • Tension and Rotation speed adjustable (ideal for sharp cornered pallets or the application of corner protection).  The machine runs for the first pre-set number of seconds with minimum tension (helps with sharp corners) and/or minimum speed (allows operator to place corner protection). 
  • Separate carriage up/down speeds.
  • Separate number of wraps on pallet top/bottom.
  • Top of pack film overlap control (stop wrapping at the top of the pack, or choose the amount of film to overlap the top of the pack).
  • Option to programme film tension separately on up/down wraps (except MB).
  • Option to switch film cutting device on/off (except MB).
  • Quick film loading system with safety device (MPS & MPS2 only).
Motion Only:
  • Up to 99 wrapping cycles (Motion only).
  • PKG PRO4 Wi-Fi module for communication with machine over wireless network.
  • Separate film tightness adjustment during bottom/ top /upward/ downward wraps.
  • Wrapping cycle start/ stop at pre-set height.
  • Reinforcement wraps at pre-set height with possibility to adjust reinforcement wraps.
  • 150% and 250% exchange sets included. 

MPS2 Only:

  • Separate pre-stretch percentage adjustment during bottom/ top/ upward/ downward wraps.
  • Film carriage with electronically adjustable variable pre-stretch ratio (120%-400%).
  • Double (upward/downward).
  • Single (only upward).
  • Top cover.
  • Pre-set height (without photocell).
  • Easy film attachment.
  • Large Pallets. 
  • Double guide wheel unit.
  • Guide wheel 390mm.
  • Guide wheel 650mm.
  • Anti-marking guide wheels.
  • Compass unit to finish cycle in same position as it started.
  • External battery charger with quick connectors.
  • Traction battery 110A, 24V.
  • 2nd set of 2 standard AGV batteries 12 V 110Ah.
  • Net film carriage (MB/ EB only).
  • Adjustment to run 50mm film cores rather than 76mm cores.
  • Photocell to detect dark products or if black film is used.
  • Automatic film cutting system at end of cycle (except MB).
  • Manual roping unit.
  • Automatic roping unit.
  • PKG PRO4 Wi-Fi module.
  • Pre-stretch gears 300% (MPS only).
  • Straight feeler arm.
  • Film carriage for 700mm or 1000mm film reels (EB carriage only).
  • Cold environment (-10˚C) specification with IP65 card and silicone cables.
  • Display film consumption per wrapping cycle.

Download the specification sheet (Electromagnetic Brake Motion Stretch Wrapper)  
Download the specification sheet (Power Stretch Motion Stretch Wrapper)

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