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OB-360N Paper & Film Tape Banding Machine

The StraPack Akebono OB-360N is a high-speed paper and film tape banding machine for use in a variety of food and non-food industries including printing & graphics, banking, snack food, beauty, pharmaceutical and other packaging applications. Part of Gordian's portable packaging equipment range, the OB-360N is the evolution of the popular OB-360 which has been re-designed to facilitate maintenance, be more efficient and easier to operate. Impeccable sealing technology eliminates curling, folding or peeling of tape edges. 

Large dispenser is available as an option.

Key Features:

  • Up to 30 cycles/ minute
  • Operate via Photocell Pack Detection, Push Button or Foot Pedal
  • 30mm wide kraft paper or PP film banding (60 or 110 um), typically 190-370m/reel
  • Portable:  only 25.5kg
  • Min Pack size W30 x H10mm
  • Max Pack size W420 x H210mm
  • Adjustable Tension (from 5 to 60N)
  • Impeccable Sealing Technology
  • Larger Arches are available for the OB-350 (up to 700mm Wide, and up to 516mm Tall). 

View how OB360 paper banding is used in the printing industry here


  • The OB-360NLD features a wheeled, dispenser unit for Jumbo paper or film reels (up to 1,500m).  
  • The OB-360A features flat belts for integration into fully automated conveyor lines
  • The OB-560N is the same specification as the OB-360N but runs 50mm wide paper or film banding.

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Download the specification sheet.

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