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OMS 06GS Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine with Corner Protection

The OMS 06GS horizontal pallet strapper features a corner board application device and is particularly suited to the fruit and vegetable industries.  The cardboard or plastic edge protectors are stored in cartridges at ground level. The vacuum operated corner board inserter prepares corners while the machine in strapping, thereby speeding up the strapping process. Equipped with the TR1400HD series modular strapping head, the machine will apply Polypropylene strap (9-15mm) or Polyester strap (9-12mm).

Machine Features

  • Arch with rear alignment bars for accurate strap placement
  • Rack and Pinion movement for reliability and accuracy
  • Strapping Head with forward stroke of 250mm to locate pack face
  • Superb tension range 0 to 2300N
  • Straps can be applied down to 130mm above conveyor height
  • Up to 10 strapping programmes for different pack specifications
  • Optional floor mounted datum plate for pallet location (stand-alone systems)
  • Strap in place on the pack confirmation
  • Edge Board Applicator Units
  • Optional Teleservice Module available for remote diagnostics 

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