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OMS M10-B Vertical Strapping Machine for Waste Baling

The OMS M10-B vertical strapper is an economical replacement for steel wire tiers on new and existing baling machines.

Plastic strap is less expensive than steel wire.  Furthermore it is combustible.  This means that there is no risk of sparks being generated during incineration and it does not attract the premium that EFW plants currently charge for processing steel wire bales.

  • Vertically straps a wide variety of baled waste products
  • Can be fitted to new or existing waste balers
  • Designed to ensure protection from debris ingress
  • Fixed Strapping Head and Fixed Arch
  • Fast, Consistent Strap Feed increases up-time
  • 200,000 cycles between major services with OMS Strapping Heads
  • Optional Teleservice Module available for remote diagnostics

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OMSM10 Vertical Strapping Machine Waste

Download the specification sheet.

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