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Strapping, wrapping and hooding systems

OMS TR Series Strapping Heads

  • Modular Clamping Group and Welding Unit can each be removed from strapping head and replaced within 3-4 mins
  • Compatible with a wide range of strapping sizes and types
  • Long lasting strap cutting blades
  • Automatic cleaning function for welding blade (TR14HD, TR1400HD, TR1800, TR19HT, TR2000)
  • Automatic strap re-feed function
  • TR14, TR14HD, TR1400HD tension range: 0 to 230Kgs (0 - 2300N)
  • TR18, TR1800 tension range: 0 to 400Kgs (0 - 4000N)
  • TR19HT, TR2000 tension range: 0 to 700Kgs (0 - 7000N)

A free-standing Test Rig is available for all of the above strapping head variants.  It enables full testing of the strapping head (feed, reverse, tension, seal) and ensures that it is fully functional following any service work before it is put back on-line.

Gordian can retrofit your existing steel or plastic strapping head with an OMS TR Series Head. Please contact us for details of strapping head retrofits.

Technical information:

TR14 TR14HD TR1400HD TR18 TR1800 TR19HT TR2000

Strap type

Strap width 9-15 mm 9-15 mm

9-15 mm

12-19 mm

12-19 mm

12-19 mm

12-19 mm

Strap thickness 0.55 - 1mm 0.55 - 1mm 0.55 - 1mm 0.55 - 1mm

0.6 - 1mm

0.8 -1.3mm

0.8 -1.3mm
Max. feeding speed 5.5m/s 5.5m/s 5.5m/s 5.5m/s 2.7m/s 2.7m/s 2.7m/s
Strap tensioning 2300N 2300N 2300N 4000N 4000N 7000N 7000N
Working temp. -10°, +50°
Noise level <70 dB
Options Strap refeeding device

You might also be interested in our Polypropylene strap or Polyester strap.

Download the specification sheet.

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