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Strapping, wrapping and hooding systems

Pallet-Less Shrink Hooding System

The OMS Pallet-Less Packaging System is an innovative solution that enables cement companies toeliminate pallets while still ensuring stability and protecting packs from the elements on all sides. 

A polyethylene sheet is applied to the top of the pack.  A polyethylene hood is then applied to and then shrunk to the pack using patented hot air burners.  The pack is then held securely and rotated through 180 degrees, before a second shrink hood is applied to the pack, thereby sealing it on all sides.

The Pallet-Less packaging line consists of the following 4 machines:

  • AT05 Top Sheet Dispenser
  • AT53 Hooding & Hot Air Shrink System
  • RT01 Pack Compression & Rotation Device
  • AT53 Hooding & Hot Air Shrink System

Key Features

  • Considerable cost savings by eliminating pallets
  • Removing pallets means more warehouse space is achieved
  • Packs can be handled using normal lifting equipment
  • Pack is protected from water ingress on all sides

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