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Strapping, wrapping and hooding systems

Polyester Strapping

Keep your strapping machines running smoothly with high strength, reliable polyester strapping from Gordian.

Heavy duty polyester strapping has a higher breaking strength than light steel and great thermal tolerance properties - so it will maintain tension and keep your products secure, even in extreme conditions.

Polyester Strapping - The Benefits

  • Heavy-grade polyester strapping is stronger than light grade steel strapping - but weighs significantly less.
  • Up to 30% higher impact resistance than light steel.
  • Polyester strapping retains its initial tension and elongates only 13% - 18% in prolonged storage, ensuring pallet stability and security.
  • Non-toxic, will not rust.
  • Extremely versatile with no sharp edges.

Polyester Strapping v Polypropylene And Steel

  • Polyester strap does not stretch under load as much as polypropylene strap.
  • Polyester strap does not degrade under sunlight as rapidly as polypropylene.
  • Polyester can now be used on heavier packs - such as house bricks - traditionally strapped with steel in the past.

Choose Gordian For Polyester Strapping

Unlike most strapping suppliers, Gordian Strapping has at least 70 years' experience in the manufacture and supply of high quality, reliable strapping machines.

So we know precisely which strap will best suit your applications and your machines - strap grade recommendations form an essential part of our UK-wide strapping machine maintenance and support packages.

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