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Polypropylene Strap

Polypropylene strap is a tough and versatile general purpose strapping product used widely with hand tools, semi-automatic strapping machines and automatic strapping machines.

It has good elasticity and efficient seal joints. Choosing consistently high quality polypropylene strap from Gordian will maximise the operational efficiency of your strapping machines.

Gordian offers consistently reliable polypropylene strap at competitive prices to support the long-term operational reliability of our machines.

Choose The Right Polypropylene Strap

It is important to choose the right strap for your strapping machines and for the tasks required. This is where Gordian's decades of expertise is invaluable.

Polypropylene strap is ideal for a wide range of light tensioning applications including:

  • boxing food products such as produce, meat and fish
  • securing small units, packages, corrugated cardboard boxes
  • bundling newspapers, magazines and cut paper.

Gordian Strapping sells high quality polypropylene strap in:

  • widths of 5mm, 6.5mm (also known as 7mm), 9mm and 12mm
  • inner core diameters of 200mm, 280mm and 406mm and on plastic reels for hand strapping.

Tougher Alternatives To Polypropylene Strap

Polypropylene strap is less suited to applications where slow stretching under tension is likely to be an issue.

On most packs this is not a major issue because the applied tension is rarely high.

But it can become a consideration on heavy packs - such as timber, pipes or concrete blocks - where storage for longer periods and loss of strap tension could lead to loss of pack stability. Tougher polyester strapping or steel strapping are recommended for these tasks.

Polypropylene strap can also eventually degrade under sunlight, an issue for packs stored outside. This process can be delayed by adding an ultra-violet light inhibitor which increases the cost.

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