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Strapping, wrapping and hooding systems

RQ-8A Fully Automated Strapping Machine with In-Line Strap Printer

The RQ-8A is a fully automated strapping machine, incorporating the benefits of the RQ-8 with integral conveyor belts built into the machine table top.

The flat belt drive enables the RQ8A to be installed into production line systems. Photo-electric cells detect the pack position. A varying number of straps can be applied according to the pack length.

The StraPack RQ-8A is ideal for high volume, automated production lines.

The RQ8A can be supplied with an optional ink jet printer for printing onto polypropylene strapping.  Information such as product code, batch code etc. can be custom printed as the strap is being unwound from the coil and before it is applied to the pack.  This can prove more cost effective than purchasing pre-printed polypropylene strapping.

The print head is positioned to ensure accurate printing directly onto the strap.  An encoder and a roll back corrector ensure that characters are printed cleanly onto the strap with no over-printing.

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