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Saving EB Semi-Auto Stretch Wrapper (Electromagnetic Brake)

The Saving EB is a semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapping machine for general industrial applications. Economical to run and simple to use, this wrapper is robust and will achieve high level of performance. It is ideal for customers who wish to upgrade from hand wrapping but who might not have the volume to justify investing in a power stretch wrapper. Why not contact us if you're unsure of what you require.


The film carriage is designed to use pre-stretched film. The machine is equipped with electromagnetic brake which enables film to be applied at a constant and easily adjustable tension for a perfectly wrapped products.

  • Electromagnetic Brake Film Carriage
  • Table Ø 1650mm for pallets up to 1200x1000mm
  • Capacity: up to 20 pallets/hour depending on load size
  • Wrapping height (incl. pallet): up to 2150mm
  • Max. load weight: 2000kg
  • Speed: up to 12 rotations/min
  • Photocell for automatic height detection
  • Emergency stop/ Reset button following CE norms


  • 4 wrapping programs
  • 3 programs can be set up to suit your exact requirements (i.e. single, cross wrap, cross-plus, full etc.)
  • Double (upward/downward): speed of carriage separately adjustable in upwards & downwards movement
  • Single (only upward or only downward)
  • Top cover


  • Turntable diameter: 1800mm (for pallet 1250x1200mm), 2200mm (for pallet 1550x1550mm) or 2400mm (for pallet 1700x1700mm).
  • Heavy duty turntable base for pallets up to 3000kg.
  • Weigh scales (with 6 load cells).
  • Ethernet connection to link wrapper to external device. Wi-Fi.
  • Loading ramp 1500mm (when loading the machine using a pallet truck).
  • Cold Environment specification.
  • Photocell to detect dark products or if black film is used.
  • Display film consumption per wrapping cycle
  • Optional slim basement allows operator to push pallets onto turntable using pump truck.  Adding 2 optional ramp sections allows access from all sides.  

    Slim Basement for Saving Stretch Wrapper

Other options available. Please contact us 

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