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Semi-Automatic Horizontal Stretch Wrapper CL 020

Semi automatic Stretch Wrapper (horizontal)

The CL 020 Series is an affordable, entry-level semi-automatic horizontal stretch wrapping machine. The machine is suitable for general industrial applications and is available with a cross sectional ring diameter of 400, 600, 800 or 1000mm. 

The cross-sectional dimension of the product to be wrapped determines the machine model number, for example CL 020-400 is for a maximum cross-sectional dimension of 400mm. 

  • Stretch Film Core Size:  38 mm or 76mm. 
  • 3 Phase Power
  • Min. of 6bar - max of 12 bar compressed air

Operation modes:

The machine can function in manual or semi-automatic mode. In semi-automatic mode, the operator:

  1. places the product in the centre of the gravity in-feed conveyor
  2. pushes the product into the wrapping-ring by hand
  3. the Stretch Film is applied to the product automatically by the automatic clamping
  4. the cutting device, starts the wrapping cycle by a foot pedal and pushes the product the first 200 mm manually.
  5. the driven outfeed in the form of a pneumatically operated top-pressure roller then takes over and the rest of the cycle is automatic, including auto film hold and cut). 
  6. the film is then cut automatically

Standard Features:

  • Operation via Touch Screen and Mechanical Switches (Reset, E-Stop, Door Open).
  • Wrapping parameters adjustable via HMI (Manual/ Auto Mode; Ring Speed; Feed Speed; Overlap at product end; No. of Wraps at product end; Hold Down On/Off).
  • Bundle Wrap Function (manual mode only).
  • Safety interlock (film reel).
  • Conveyor, roller gravity, approx. 500mm.
  • Conveyor, roller gravity, outfeed approx. 500mm.
  • Outfeed Top pressure hold-down 1 roller, automatic.


  • Manual Side Guides
  • Additional Driven Top Roller on Outfeed
  • Resettable Shift Counter
  • Double-sided operation

Download the specification sheet.

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