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Strapping, wrapping and hooding systems

Semi & Fully Automatic Horizontal Stretch Wrappers

Our semi and fully automatic horizontal stretch wrapping machines (also known as tunnel wrappers) are based on a modular system and are configured to meet our customer’s specific requirements.

The machines are suitable for general industrial applications with a cross sectional dimension of up to 1200mm (Single Ring version) and 2200mm (Double Ring version).  The cross sectional dimension of the product to be wrapped determines the machine model number, for example TE 250 is for a maximum cross sectional dimension of 250mm.  Core Size:  76mm.  A min. of 6bar and a max of 12 bar compressed air is required. 

Wrapping Head Options

TE xxxx Single Ring: TE 250, TE 400, TE 600, TE 800, TE 1000, TE 1200. 
TD xxxx Double Ring: TD 600, TD 800, TD 1000, TD 1200, TD 1400, TD 1600, TD 1800, TD 2000, TD 2200. 


The operator places the product in the centre of the in-feed. The operator then manually starts the wrapping cycle with a foot pedal. The operator pushes the first 200mm into the machine by hand. The product is then pulled through the wrapping ring via a driven conveyor. The film is then cut automatically.


The machine detects the product.  The product is indexed, wrapped and then leaves the ring automatically.  The film is then cut automatically. 


  • Easy film roll loading
  • Left to Right or Right to Left Operation.


  • Side Guiding Rollers
  • Top Guiding Rollers
  • Ring Height Adjustment
  • Film Break and Film Roll End warning
  • End of Wrap Cycle Film Sealing
  • Touch Panel Operation
  • Free Running, and Driven Conveyors

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