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StraPack RQ-8IR3 Automatic Strapping Machine

The StraPack RQ-8IR3 is part of Gordian's robust packaging equipment range. It is a high speed automatic strapping machine with integrated hands free, foot pedal operation. Its space-saving design, featuring an internal strap reel, makes it ideal for mailing houses, offices, magazine and newspaper centres.

StraPack RQ8IR3 Key Features:

  • High Speed - Up to 60 bundles/ minute
  • Hands Free, Foot Pedal Operation
  • Variable tension for all packages up to 80kg
  • Automatic strap ejection and Re-feed function
  • Empty strap coil detection
  • Energy Saving auto shut off

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The StraPack RQ-8IR3 is an ideal replacement of the obsolete RQ-7000.

Download the specification sheet.

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