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Strapping, wrapping and hooding systems

Stretch Hood Wrapping Machine: OMS IS43

The OMS IS43 is a fully-automatic stretch hood wrapping machine which forms and applies hoods to palletised and non-palletised products using tubular stretch film.  In some industries, stretch hood machines are also known as stretch bagging machines. Because no heat is required, stretch hood wrappers are more eco-friendly than shrink hooding machines which use gas. Film is drawn from a reel, stretched and applied to the product. When the film is released it recovers naturally and tightens around the pack providing stability, protection and a means of displaying a printed logo if required.  This end-of-line packaging machine can easily be integrated over existing conveyors. 

Key features

  • High speed - up to 120 pallets/hour
  • Applies caps, sleeves or full hoods with ears flush to the pack
  • Easy Integration over Existing Conveyors
  • Driven Film Reel Holder(s) with Air Mandrels
  • Mechanical Bag Opening means no bags are wasted
  • Motorized Film Stretch Process is quieter than hydraulic systems
  • Easy Film Reel Changeover (extractable film carriage standard for multi-reel machines)
  • Ground level film loading & maintenance eliminates the risk of working at height
  • Optional Teleservice Module available for remote diagnostics

Turnkey Installations

Gordian can supply IS43 stretch hooding machines complete with conveyors, other pallet handling equipment, perimeter safety fencing and light-barrier pack entry and exit systems, as complete turnkey strapping and hooding systems.

IS43 Open hood Pallet Stretch Hooding Machine IS43 Open hood Pallet Stretch Hooding Machine  IS43 Open hood Pallet Stretch Hooding Machine

Download the specification sheet.

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