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Strapping, wrapping and hooding systems

OMS AT03/04 & FT13 Pallet Shrink Hooding Machine

The OMS AT03 or AT04 is a fully-automatic, curtain type wrapping machine which applies shrink film vertically to palletized and non-palletized products.  Film is drawn from up to 3 (AT03) or 4 (AT04) reels, stored in a revolving coil magazine, wrapped around the product and sealed on one side.  The film reels can each be of a different height, providing flexibility for a large range of different pack sizes.   The machine selects the appropriate film reel automatically. 

The products are then indexed into the OMS FT13 gas oven and heat is applied simultaneously to the entire surface area of the film, thereby shrinking the film around the pack on all four sides, providing protection, securement and stability for the palletized product. Printed film can be used to display product or company information if required.

This end-of-line packaging machine can easily be integrated over existing conveyors.  A top sheet applicator can also be added if required. 

OMS AT03 & AT04:

  • Curtain type wrapping machine of robust, steel construction.
  • Revolving coil magazine, with auto reel change, for up to 3 or 4 film reels.
  • Unused coils remain braked to keep terminal edge correctly tensioned.
  • Constant programmed film tension. 
  • Film Reels:   Dia. 500 mm, Max. Wt. 280 kg.
  • RF01 Folding Device folds down and seals the vertical film to the top sheet. 


  • Gas operated 4 Kw shrink oven (electric oven also available).
  • Retroactive chamber encased in non-conductive, insulated panels.
  • Synchro-Mesh operated doors, with self-controlled motion reducer. 
  • Doors feature silicon gum gaskets for maximum heat retention. 
  • Highly efficient, hot air heat exchanger. 
  • Temperature maintained evenly via pyrometric control and air circulation system.
  • Safety ramp in the event of gas failure (complies with UNI-CIG regulations).

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