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OMS PBTR Coil Holder

The OMS PBTR turntable coil holder (also known as strap dispenser) has been specially designed for use with Jumbo and Super Jumbo strap coils.  Up to 7 coils (max. weight 600kg) can be loaded onto the turntable.  Once one coil has been exhausted, the operator removes the empty cardboard core, prepares the next coil in the stack and restarts the strapping machine.  By loading full pallets of strap directly onto the turntable, there is no manual handling involved and the time taken to change a coil of strap is kept to a minimum.

  • Maximum height: 2000 mm
  • Width: 1983 mm
  • Maximum load: 600 kg
  • Table rotation speed: 19.8 revolutions per minute
  • Installed electric power: 1.1kW
  • Electric power supply: 400V - 50Hz three phase
  • Can be loaded with up to 7 coils
  • For Jumbo (750mm wide) or Super Jumbo (950mm wide) coils

PBTR Coil Pallet and dimensions

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