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Strapping, wrapping and hooding systems

Industries and Markets Served

Our comprehensive range of strapping, wrapping, and hooding machinery and materials ensure that we have the perfect packaging solution for every industry.

Whether you require straps for newspapers, pallet stretch hooders for clay bricks or a complete end-of-line packaging system with conveyors , we will deliver the industry solution that will give you a competitive advantage. We offer pack & pallet securement solutions and strapping and stretch film supplies for all markets, from specialist food industries such as poultry, meat and seafood processing where hygiene and moisture exposure are important concerns; to the harsh working environments of the building products industries where heavy packs of bricks, blocks and tiles need to be securely strapped to ensure safety during transit.

Our industry packaging and system solutions are perfect for a wide range of markets:

From the simplest to the most demanding of criteria, Gordian Strapping  have the machines and  systems to meet your particular production, pack security and presentation requirements. Whether it’s hand tools, semi-automatic and fully automated high-speed strapping machines, pallet strapping, stretch wrapping, stretch hooding or shrink hooding equipment, a bespoke machine or a total system  solution, all of our products offer reliability, performance and value-for-money to small, medium and large companies.

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