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Herma UK

Gordian Strapping has supplied an OMS AT53 Shrink Hooder to HERMA UK Ltd. in Newbury.

HERMA UK Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of HERMA GmbH, the German specialist material producer, founded in 1906 by Heinrich Hermann. HERMA produces a full range of self-adhesive material for the labelling industry. HERMA required a shrink hooder to package their pallets of materials, which are dispatched to customers across the UK.

Prior to the shrink hooder being installed, pallets were stretch wrapped on semi-automatic turntable wrappers. With demand increasing at a rate of 30% p.a., the case for automation was compelling. The new machine offered 4 main benefits:

  • improved load retention
  • enhanced pack presentation
  • less packaging material
  • faster packaging speeds.

The OMS AT53 forms and applies hoods to HERMA’s palletised products using tubular shrink film. Film is drawn from a reel automatically and placed over the pack, which is lifted slightly above the conveyor on an integrated lifter to ensure that the shrink film can be locked under the pallet. Hot air burners then apply heat to the entire surface of the film thereby shrinking to the pack and providing stability and protection.

The AT53 uses four stainless steel, fully enclosed hot air burners with safety electro-valves to avoid the risk of unburned gases escaping. The combustion chamber inside the burners ensures excellent temperature stability and optimises the heat applied to the Shrink Hood. The burners only ignite during the shrinking operation, ensuring considerable energy saving. Should ignition be interrupted or any one of the four hot air burners fail to ignite, the automatic flame sensor closes all gas solenoid valves and stops gas delivery, purges the system with air to remove any gas vapours and resets. The operator loads the pallet onto a lifting device. Once the pallet has been raised up to the conveyor, it is indexed under the shrink hooding machine. The machine applies the hood and shrinks it to the pack. Once the shrink cycle is complete, the pack is indexed out of the machine to the conveyor and returned to ground level by a pallet lifting device.

With 15 engineers across the UK, including 3 within 60 miles of Newbury, and over 80 years’ experience in end-of-line packaging systems, Gordian Strapping was the ideal partner to install and maintain the machine. Colin Phillips, Divisional Director commented: “ This new investment has enabled us to dramatically improve our efficiencies & enhance the quality of goods being delivered to our customers. With a steady growth shown here in the UK year on year we had no option but to follow our German colleagues at Herma and invest in automation. Our increased output of goods has not affected out production in the slightest, we are still able to offer deliveries to our customers on a guaranteed next day service to fulfil their demands & needs. A great investment with great support and service form everyone at Gordian “

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