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New Strapping System for Biffa's RDF Bales

Basingstoke based Gordian Strapping, one of the UK’s leading end-of-line specialists in pack and pallet securement, has supplied a new OMS M10-B strapping machine to Biffa, a leading UK recycling and waste management business.

The OMS strapping system automatically straps municipal waste which has been collected, sorted and baled by Biffa.  Rather than sending to landfill, the baled waste can be economically used as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel).  The RDF plant in Dewsbury can process 60-70 thousand tonnes of waste per year, enough to power 10,000 homes.

Currently, most baled waste is tied using steel wire.  However, plastic strap has two key advantages compared to steel wire.  Firstly, it is less expensive (by up to 30-40% depending on specification).  Secondly, plastic strap is combustible.  This means that there is no risk of sparks being generated during incineration and it does not attract the £5/ton premium that EFW plants currently charge for processing steel wire bales.    Furthermore, it is made from recycled PET (Polyester), which is more environmentally friendly.

The OMS M10-B strapping machine is supplied with a high performance TR Series Heat Seal Strapping Head running at up to 7.5 cycles/min.  The Head is designed for use with Polyester Strapping and is proven in the toughest working environments.  OMS TR Series Heads, which only require a major service every 200,000 cycles, feature auto strap re-feed and out of strap sensor, and are specially designed to provide protection from debris ingression.

Biffa has developed its recycling services to provide their customers with increased recycling capabilities, thereby channelling waste away from landfill.  This is in line with the European Waste Framework Directive, which came into force in December 2010, and which shifts the focus away from waste as a burden towards being a valuable resource.  The Directive is summarised in the 5 step Waste Hierarchy, which begins with the reduction of waste by using resources and raw materials more efficiently, followed by re-using goods as much as possible.  Then recycling materials such as glass, plastic and paper.  Finally, recovering value in the form of energy is preferred to sending residual waste to landfill.

Anthony Holley, Biffa’s Regional General Manager Yorkshire commented: 

Biffa is committed to our customers, enabling them to recycle as much waste as possible, helping to guide them toward zero waste to landfill.  The new strapping system at Dewsbury is an exciting development because it will ensure that waste can be processed as RDF more economically and more efficiently.  The quality of the OMS strapping heads and backup from a nationwide team of 12 service engineers makes Gordian Strapping an ideal partner for this project”.

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