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Baumit - cement

When Baumit Germany decided to replace their packaging equipment, the benefits attributed to stretch hooders convinced the company to choose this solution. 

The Baumit Group has three OMS IS43 stretch hooders installed in Kassel (2010), Stuttgart (2014) and Grabow (2015).  The Kassel plant had been using a stretch wrapper, whereas the other two plants replaced existing stretch hood equipment.  Because the IS43 drives the film down to the bottom of the pallet before releasing it in a controlled way, the Stuttgart and Grabow plants were able to reduce the film thickness from 120 µm to 90 µm and reduce the overall width of the hood itself, thereby using 20% less film than the previous hooding machine.  Further factors in choosing the OMS machine included reduced maintenance costs, standard electrical components that can be sourced locally, and the fact that all maintenance is carried out at ground level, an important health and safety consideration.

A unique feature of the IS43 is that it applies the stretch hoods inside out, meaning that the tops of the packs are perfectly flat.  With no billowing tufts of plastic sitting proud of the pack, the overall presentation is more pleasing.  Just as importantly, when one pack is loaded on top of another, there is no risk of the fork lift driver accidently ripping the top of the lower pack.

Rated to 70 packs per hour, the hooders at all three plants are equipped with two film reel holders. This enables Baumit to run one film size continuously, with no time lost due to reel changes.  Alternatively, two different film widths could be loaded onto the machine, future proofing the machine for use with different pack sizes. The fact that a new reel of film can be loading while the machine is still running helps contribute to maximum uptime. At the Stuttgart plant, an extra conveyor was installed parallel to the main conveyor to provide an accumulation area for two pallets.  The packaging lines at all three plants are equipped with intervention points enabling Baumit to manually introduce pallets of mixed products and/or sample pallets into the line to be hooded.   

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