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Ibstock Ellistown

Basingstoke based Gordian Strapping, one of the UK’s leading end-of-line specialists in pack and pallet securement, has supplied a new vertical strapping and stretch hooding system to Ibstock Brick at their Ellistown Plant in Leicestershire.

Ibstock is the UK’s biggest brickmaker, with 20 factories nationwide and a range of over 500 different bricks and rainscreen cladding systems.

Ibstock Ellistown required a new strapping machine and stretch hooder to replace ageing equipment on their void pack production line, thereby ensuring that well-presented and secure packs could be produced at a rate of 60 units per hour. As an existing packaging machinery supplier to Ibstock with a proven track record, and a dedicated team of 12 service engineers stragtegically based across the UK, Gordian Strapping was an ideal partner. Gordian supplied an OMS TS300 vertical strapping machine, fitted with a TR19 High Tension strapping head and an OMS IS43 Stretch Hooder. The new end-of-line packing system receives packs of bricks straight from the production line. The strapping machine applies 5 vertical straps per pack and 1 plastic edge protector on each corner. Packs are then indexed to the stretch hooder which applies either an Ibstock branded or a clear stretch hood depending on customer preference. The OMS TR19 HT Head, which can apply a maximum tension of 7000N is designed for use with Polyester Strapping, and is proven throughout the building products industry. The Heat Seal technology in the Strapping Head means that that a major service is only required every 200,000 cycles. Furthermore, the head is compatible with a variety of different strap grades.

The OMS IS43 Stretch Hooder, which is compatible with a variety of film grades, applies the hood with the gusset corners on the inside, ensuring optimum pack presentation. Using motorized air mandrels on the film reels (which also eliminate core slippage) and mechanical fingers to open each bag, static build up and film blocking is avoided. All film loading and maintenance is completed at ground level which eliminates the risks involved with working at height. At <70 dB the IS43 is also extremely quiet.

Alan Spencer, Production Manager at the Ellistown Plant commented: “This new packaging line has resulted in
lower packaging costs and less downtime. Gordian’s engineering team has been very professional throughout the installation

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