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Marshalls Newport

Gordian Strapping, one of the UK’s leading end-of-line specialists in pack and pallet securement, has supplied a new vertical strapping machine to Marshalls plc at their site in Newport.    

Gordian has been a supplier to Marshalls for over 3 decades and has successfully installed in excess of 30 strapping, wrapping and hooding machines during this time.  The solid reputation of the OMS equipment, along with a dedicated team of 13 service engineers strategically based across the UK made Gordian Strapping an ideal partner. 

The site at Newport required a new strapping machine to replace the previous OMS machine which had reached the end of its working life after nearly 20 years’ service.  Gordian supplied an OMS 08 Vertical Strapping Machine equipped with a sword to penetrate the slave pallet voids.  The machine features a TR19 HT (High Tension) strapping head with side compensation to allow equalization of the strap tension around the pack.  The new machine receives concrete block paving on a slave pallet, and applies 2 vertical straps per pack at a rate of 60 packs per hour.  Upstream of the new machine, an existing OMS 08 Machine applies 4 vertical straps.  Downstream, the packs are hooded by an existing OMS IS43 Stretch Hooding Machine. 

The OMS TR19 HT Head is designed for use with Polyester Strapping, and is proven in the toughest working environments within the building products industry.  It is capable of applying a maximum tension of 7000 Newtons.  The Heat Seal technology in the Strapping Head means that that a full service is only required every 200,000 cycles. The Head is compatible with a variety of different strap grades.   Features include:  auto strap loading, auto strap re-feed, strap in place signal and automatic heater blade cleaning. 

Lionel Pewtner, Engineering Manager at Newport commented: 

This new machine provides increased reliability and will help us respond to increased customer demand.  The OMS heads perform consistently well in tough conditions”. 

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