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Wienerberger Warnham

Gordian Strapping has supplied a new twin head vertical plastic strapping system to Wienerberger at their plant in Warnham. 

Wienerberger is the world's largest producer of bricks, and the No. 1 producer of clay roof tiles in Europe, with 229 plants in 27 countries.   

The Warnham factory required a new strapping machine as part of an overall investment programme that also included an automated handling system for clay brick void packs supplied by Cismac (Italy).  The new twin head strapping system replaced a single head strapping machine that had come to the end of its useful working life.  

Gordian is as an existing supplier to Wienerberger with a proven track record of installing and maintaining strapping and stretch hooding equipment.  With 15 highly trained service engineers based across the UK, Gordian is well placed to offer after sales service and support.  

Gordian supplied two OMS vertical strapping machines, each equipped with the latest generation TR2000 strapping head, along with a test rig and a spare strapping head.  The spare head can be introduced into the line in the event of a breakdown, or to allow production to continue while another head is serviced off-line on the test rig. 

The OMS TR2000 Head, which can apply a max. tension of 7000N (700kg) is designed for use with Polyester Strapping (PET) and is proven throughout the building products industry.  It features quick-change modular parts that can be swapped out within 5 minutes in the event of a fault, thereby minimizing downtime.  Heat Seal technology means that the head can be quickly adjusted to suit different strap specifications, and a major service is only required every 200,000 cycles.  At <70 dB the strapping machine is also extremely quiet.  Each strapping head is equipped with an OMS PBTR Turntable Jumbo Strap Dispenser, each of which holds 7 coils of strap. With 4,500m of strap on each coil, rather than 1,500m on a standard coil of strap, downtime due to coil changes is kept to a minimum. 

Sean 0’Dell, Plant Manager at Warnham commented:  

“After being let down by another Strapping Company, Gordian responded quickly and proposed strapping heads and jumbo strap dispensers suitable for integrating into our new packing line. With tight deadlines, we needed a fast response – Gordian worked well with our new equipment supplier and delivered in full, on time. Installation, commissioning and importantly training was also very well executed and well received by our team. A great job all around.”

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