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T.G. Nuttall Packaging

Gordian Strapping has supplied an OMS Model 082 Twin Head Pallet Strapping Machine to Nuttall Packaging in Manchester.

Established in 1920, Nuttalls is a family run producer of bespoke printed and plain die cut, cardboard boxes. With its in-house design department and just-in-time philosophy, Nuttalls is well equipped to respond to customer requirements quickly and efficiently.  Having doubled their turnover over the last 15 years, and moved to larger premises in 2013, Nuttalls decided to invest in a pallet press to support the next phase in the growth of their business.

Nuttalls required a pallet strapper to compress packs tightly, something which could not be achieved by hand strapping.  The OMS 082 enables Nuttalls to supply their customers with a stable, perfectly presented, palletised pack.  Packs can safely be stacked 3 high, meaning better utilisation of space in the warehouse and in transit.  In fact, trucks can now be loaded in 20 mins whereas it used to take an hour.  Moving from a manual to an automated system has removed the bottle neck in the end-of-line packaging process, and significantly reduced the overtime bill.

The 082 pallet strapping machine centralizes, compresses and vertically straps each pack.  Two straps are applied to the pack while it is being compressed.  A built in turntable then turns the pack and a further two straps are applied, again while the pack is being compressed.  The machine includes automatic pack height detection and telescopic arch tracks that feed strap at any height (of particular importance when packs vary in height).

The machine features the tried and tested OMS TR14 Strapping Head which includes precise, repeatable strap feeding that avoids jams and increases up-time, and a ‘strap in place’ confirmation meaning that a pack cannot leave the machine without being strapped.  OMS heat seal strapping heads only require a full service every 200,000 cycles which means less down-time.

With 15 engineers across the UK, including one in Oldham, and over 75 years’ experience in end-of-line packaging systems, Gordian Strapping was the ideal partner to install and maintain the machine.

Chris Bywater, Managing Director and SPA Committee Member commented ‘When we were looking to invest in a pallet strapper, machine reliability and after sales service were paramount.  With 5 StraPack strappers already in the business, going back to Gordian was a no brainer.’

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