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St. James Smokehouse

Gordian Strapping, one of the UK’s leading end-of-line specialists in package and pallet securement, has provided a new RQ-7000M strapping machine for St. James Smokehouse.

St. James Smokehouse, one of Scotland’s few remaining family owned traditional smoke houses, supplies fine Scotch Reserve® salmon to the world’s leading restaurants, hotels and retailers.  Situated in the heart of the maritime Scottish lowland village of Annan, St. James Smokehouse is ideally located to procure the freshest and finest quality salmon from the nearby clear, fast-flowing waters of Western Scotland.

The RQ-7000M, with its robust, stainless steel construction and permanently lubricated mechanisms, is the most durable strapping machine available for moisture-laden, seafood processing environments.   The sealing head is side mounted to protect it from moisture and residue, and the bottom of the cabinet is reinforced to provide extra protection where moisture exposure is greatest.  The fully enclosed control cabinet protects the components from water and wash-down spray, and an internal heat lamp assists in evaporating whatever moisture accumulates inside the machine.  Furthermore, the tension arm system on the RQ-7000M assures positive and accurate tensioning of damp strapping.

The RQ-7000M, which can strap up to 50 straps per minute without compromising strap tension, has helped St. James Smokehouse, to increase output speeds.  Meanwhile, a host of standard features such as strap self-loading and auto strap re-feed, end of coil automatic eject and a start-up time of just 20 seconds has significantly contributed to uptime availability.

Brendan Maher, President of St. James Smokehouse is delighted with the machine and with Gordian’s service:  “The RQ-7000M was easily integrated into our existing conveyor system and has performed admirably”.

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