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Strapping, wrapping and hooding systems

Beatson Clark

Gordian Strapping has provided a system solution for leading glass container manufacturer, Beatson Clark – the integration of a new pallet shrink wrapping, hooding and strapping machine into their packaging line facility in Rotherham, Yorkshire.

This system, part of an ongoing maintenance and investment programme, speeds up the packing process and also becomes more time and energy efficient in this core part of Beatson Clark’s business.

“One of our primary considerations when sourcing the new machine was the environmental and health and safety credentials,” commented Tim Swetnam, Beatson Clark Production Manager. “This system was especially attractive due to the reductions in time and costs it provides us with and the safety features to protect our employees.”

On entering the machine each pallet is automatically scanned and the type of wrapping it requires is ascertained. This can be tailored to individual customer requirements as appropriate. Options include strapping, fusion shrouding for standard bulk palletised products, or non-fusion shrouding for polythene brick packed products.

The end result is a better quality of shrink wrapping and a more stable pallet for transportation to the customer. “Our machine has been well received by our employees and is performing very well,” said Tim.

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