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Gordian Strapping has supplied an OMS FT55 Shrink Ring Machine to Lecico Bathrooms in Bedford.

Lecico is one of the world’s largest designers and manufacturers of bathroom suites and fittings. Exporting to over 50 countries worldwide, their reputation is founded on design-rich, competitively priced sanitaryware that has been crafted to the highest manufacturing standards.

Lecico required a reliable and robust packaging system for their bathroom suites. They needed to package and protect pallets of sanitaryware safely for distribution across the UK from its warehouse in Bedford.  Lecico had been using a semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper. However, the stretch film was not holding the pack tightly enough and the load was moving in transit. Lecico consulted Gordian Strapping who recommended a shrink hooding system.  The shrink film secures the load firmly to the pallet thereby avoiding movement in transit and the potential for costly returns. 

Gordian installed and commissioned an OMS FT55 Shrink machine and full perimeter safety system.  The operator loads a pallet onto a pallet stand using a fork lift truck.  A heat shrinkable polyethylene hood is placed over the palletised product by the operator who then starts the hood shrinking cycle (15-20 seconds) via the HMI.    Height detection sensors tell the machine when to ignite the burners and begin the hood shrinking cycle.  Once the hood shrinking process is complete, the operator removes the pallet by fork lift truck. 

The machine, which can run on LPG or Natural Gas, incorporates four stainless steel, fully enclosed hot air burners which are equipped with flame control systems and safety electro-valves thereby avoiding the risk of unburned gases escaping.  A special air combustion compartment inside the burners ensures excellent flame stability and optimised heat shrinkage whatever the external environmental conditions.  The burner on the FT55 is only ignited during shrinking operation ensuring considerable energy saving. 

Should ignition be interrupted or any one of the four hot air burners fail to ignite, the automatic flame sensor closes all gas solenoid valves and stops gas delivery, purges the system with air to remove any gas vapours and resets.

With 14 engineers across the UK, and over 80 years’ experience in end-of-line packaging systems, Gordian Strapping was the ideal partner to install and maintain the equipment.

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