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Rettig UK

Gordian Strapping has supplied an FEV TE 600 S fully automated horizontal stretch wrapping machine to Rettig UK, Kingston-Upon-Hull.

Rettig ICC is Europe’s leading supplier of heat emitters and indoor climate comfort systems. Rettig manufactures and distributes from 18 plants in 11 countries, and their comprehensive product range includes radiators, towel warmers, underfloor heating, convectors, valves and controls.

In 2014, Rettig ICC moved production of heat emitters from Finland to Kingston-Upon-Hull. As well as new production equipment, the Company needed a new packaging machine. The FEV TE 600 S was chosen for its robustness and reliability. Furthermore, with 13 engineers across the UK, Gordian supplies comprehensive after sales service and support. The machine runs 17 micron stretch film and has an arch size of 600mm.

Products are pushed along the infeed conveyor by hand, and are then indexed automatically into the ring. Two special hold-down devices hold the products steady during the wrapping cycle and index them through the wrapping ring. The film is applied automatically and cut automatically at the end of the cycle. Products can either be fully wrapped or partially wrapped (bundle wrapping programme).

Not all products are stretch wrapped, and Rettig required a solution that allows some products to travel along the conveyor without being wrapped. The wrapping machine can therefore be removed from the roller conveyors and moved to one side. Once it has been moved away, two sections of roller conveyor, that are conveniently stored underneath the infeed and the outfeed conveyors respectively, can be flipped up to takes its place.

David Sowden, Maintenance Manager at Rettig UK commented “We were impressed with the build quality and performance of the machine. Gordian’s ability to back the machine up from a service perspective was also an important factor in our decision making process.

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