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Supreme Pet Foods

Gordian Strapping has supplied a TE 600 S fully automated horizontal stretch wrapping machine to Supreme Pet Foods in Hadleigh, near Ipswich.

Supreme Pet Foods is a leading producer of small animal pet food. Its established brands include Supreme Selective, Tiny Friends Farm and Fibafirst. The dried pet foods are packed in 1.5-2.7kg retail bags, which are produced in-line from PPE film. Sealed bags are collated into twos, threes or fours and over-wrapped before being palletised and transported to retailers and veterinary practices.

Supreme had been using a heat tunnel to shrink several packs together prior to packing them on pallets for shipment. However, the shrink film was bonding to the packs, meaning that when customers tried to remove the outer packaging, they were inadvertently damaging the bags. This gave the impression that individual bags had been mishandled or damaged and, in some cases, resulted in bags being torn and product spilling out. In order to eliminate customer complaints, Supreme decided to seek an alternative outer packaging method.

Gordian recommended switching to a horizontal stretch wrapper. By eliminating the need for a heat process, the two films no longer bonded together. Supreme has also noted a dramatic reduction in power consumption as a result of moving from a 22kW shrink tunnel to a 1.75kW stretch wrapper. Also, it is quick to start and stop compared to the heating-up time required by a shrink tunnel.

The short length of the bags meant that there was a risk of them falling down inside the machine as they passed through the wrapping ring. To counter this, a special bridging conveyor was developed specifically for Supreme that holds the collated bags in place as they are wrapped. An adjustable product support plate ensures that the packs sit squarely in the middle of the ring and prevents them from toppling over during the wrapping process.

Having seen a machine running at another of Gordian’s customers, we were convinced that this was the right machine for us. The machine has proved to be very reliable, and we are delighted with it.” Robert Baker Technical Director Supreme Pet Foods

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