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Crown Bevcan

Gordian Strapping has provided a high speed ring wrapper to Crown Bevcan in Botcherby (Carlisle), a five-line can plant, where 2.2 billion aluminium beverage cans and 6 billion can ends are produced each year.  Cans range in size from 15 to 50cl. 

Crown Holdings, Inc., with roots dating back over 100 years, manufactures packaging products from 143 plants located in 41 countries.  Crown is the leader in metal packaging technology, employing over 21,900 people and net sales of $8.5 billion.

Prior to installing the new machine, Crown was stretch wrapping pallets of beverage cans using a semi-automatic stretch wrapper, which could wrap up to 25 pallets/ hr.  However, faced with increasing demand from export markets, Crown decided to automate the process.

Gordian supplied an OMS AVR900 automatic pallet ring wrapper.  Rated to 60 pallets/hr, the AVR900 ensures a high quality wrap to withstand potential damage whilst in transit.  The machine features a patented film clamping, cutting and fixing unit with a ‘Tuck Under’ system.  This ensures that film tails never become detached from the pack, an issue which can lead to rejection of pallets by automated warehousing systems.  The machine’s patented film pre-stretch carriage unit has enabled Crown Bevcan to down-gauge from 23 mic film to 17 mic film. 

Beverage cans enter the palletizer, which stacks them up to a height of three metres, with layer cards inserted for stability. Loaded pallets are then passed through a strapper with a top press, which straps the cans to the pallet. The strapped pallet is transported to the stretch wrapper.

With over 25 strappers already installed at Crown worldwide, including 7 at Botcherby, the OMS equipment has proven its robustness and reliability.  And with 14 engineers strategically placed across the UK, and 80 years’ experience in end-of-line packaging systems, Gordian Strapping was the ideal partner to install and maintain the machine. 

Ian Connelly, Technical Manager at Crown Bevcan commented:  “We have been very happy with the strappers that Gordian supplied in 2012 and with the service backup since then.  We therefore had no reservations about going back to Gordian the Ring Wrapper.”

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