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What our customers say about us

Gordian Strapping: world-class products and customer support, focused on customer satisfaction.

Peter Jenkins, Managing Director, Commercial / Military Explosives

"We are genuinely impressed with the whole process from purchase to deployment, and would recommend Gordian again, everything was completed on time and installation was smooth and efficient. Subsequent purchase of supplies has proved more cost effective too"

Toby Woods, Managing Director, Automotive

"We are delighted with the build quality of this machine. It has proven to be very reliable, and we have been impressed with the sales and service backup from Gordian Strapping."

Adam Moore, Sales Director, Recycling

"The RQ-8Y strapping machine has proved itself to be highly reliable and we have always been impressed with the sales and service departments at Gordian Strapping."

David Bugh, Processing Operations Manager, Fish Farming

"These strappers have proven to be a real time saver for us and we have been very pleased with their overall performance."

Jason Smith, Regional Factory Manager, Building and Construction

"The new strapping equipment provides increased reliability and will help us respond to increased customer demand. The OMS heads perform consistently well in tough conditions."

Graham Fletcher, Head of Operations, Security and Storage Equipment

"The machines have exceeded our expectations in terms of pack presentation, ease of use and reliability. Gordian has been very proactive in analysing our requirements and proposing the right solutions and we would have no hesitation in recommending them."

Jez Blake, Head of Recycling Assets, Recycling, Renewable Energy and Waste Management

"As a company which prides itself on circular economy solutions and promoting the use of recycled materials, we were pleased to work with Gordian Strapping which uses recycled plastic in its baling systems for our recycling materials. We believe that this focus on collaboration, investment and innovation is what is needed to underpin the UK’s efforts to maximise recycling opportunities, so we can achieve our circular economy goals."

Doug Barrowman, General Manager, Ready mixed concrete and floor screeds

"The OMS equipment has proven itself to be very reliable and we are more than happy with Gordian’s after sales engineering back-up."

Leigh Martin, Site Manager, Concrete Roof Tiles

"The strapping machines are of the highest quality, and the most reliable that I have come across in our industry. Gordian’s Sales Managers and Engineers are a credit to the business. The wrapping machines have made a real difference to the end-of-line packing of our products and have significantly helped to increase productivity."

Simon Frost, Production Planner, Marketing Services

"Gordian responded quickly and recommended their latest machine. It integrated seamlessly into our existing line and the sheer speed of the machine has facilitated a major increase in output."

Mariusz Tokarczyk, Production Manager, Poultry Processing

"We invested in the StraPack equipment to replace some ageing strapping machines. The machines have proven to be extremely reliable and we have been more than happy with the service provided by Gordian Strapping."

Ayaz Asad Khan, Warehouse Logistics Manager, Personal Protective Equipment

"The robot wrapper has increased efficiency in our dispatch department and we’ve also seen around a 60% reduction in the amount of stretch film that we use. It’s been a brilliant investment."

David Berry, Operations Director, Garden Products

"We have been using StraPack machines from Gordian for over 10 years. When the time came to replace them, we had no hesitation about staying with the StraPack brand."

Sean O’Dell, Plant Manager, Clay Brick

"After being let down by another Strapping Company, Gordian responded quickly and proposed strapping heads and jumbo strap dispensers suitable for integrating into our new packing line. With tight deadlines, we needed a fast response – Gordian worked well with our new equipment supplier and delivered in full, on time. Installation, commissioning and importantly training was also very well executed and well received by our team. A great job all around."

Paul McCormack, Production Director, Corrugated Retail Ready Packaging and Point of Sale displays  

"We have been impressed with the reliability of the StraPack machines and with Gordian’s service back-up."

Chris Fletcher, General Manager, Fruit Packing 

"It was becoming difficult to obtain service and spares for our old strapping machines. Gordian responded quickly to our enquiry, has references within our industry and could demonstrate a comprehensive engineering backup."

Simon Frost, Production Planner, Communications and Marketing Delivery Solutions

"Gordian responded quickly to our enquiry and recommended their latest machine, the F-18FB. Not only did it integrate seamlessly into our existing line, but the sheer speed of the machine has facilitated a major increase in output."

Adrian Bellwood, Warehouse Team Leader, Automotive

"We needed a pallet strapping system to automatically strap our crates. Having previously purchased stand-alone strapping machines from Gordian, we had no hesitation in asking them to supply the fully automated system."

Russell Lagden, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Electronics

"We needed a quick response, both on the initial quotation and the installation. We also wanted to work with a Company that could offer a turnkey solution. Gordian ticked all the boxes."

Colin Phillips, Divisional Director, Labels

"This new investment has enabled us to dramatically improve our efficiencies & enhance the quality of goods being delivered to our customers. Our increased output of goods has not affected our production in the slightest, we are still able to offer deliveries to our customers on a guaranteed next day service to fulfil their demands & needs. A great investment with great support and service from everyone at Gordian."

Richard Godbolt, Operations Director, Aluminium Profiles

"We needed a new spiral wrapper to replace an existing, ageing machine. We wrap our products along the full length to ensure maximum protection. Gordian Strapping responded to our enquiry immediately and recommended a wrapping solution that fulfilled our requirements."

Paul Finlayson, Co-Founder, Pet Treats

"We used to seal our boxes with postal seal stickers, which were not the most secure and very time consuming. The banding machine is quicker and more efficient, as well as making our boxes more secure going through postal networks. Our pack presentation has been greatly improved and there is no risk of obscuring our logo."

David Orr, Managing Director, Corrugated and Display Packaging

"The StraPack machine was a perfect fit for us, both in terms of our space constraint and our productivity requirements. We have been delighted with the engineering support that Gordian has provided."

Chris Bywater Managing Director, Corrugated Cardboard Box Manufacturer

"When we were looking to invest in a pallet strapper, machine reliability and after sales service were paramount. With 5 StraPack strappers already in the business, going back to Gordian was a no brainer."

Stephen Marsh, Warehouse and Distribution‎ Manager, Retail

"Having operated with a Gordian strapping machine in our warehouse despatch department for over 14 years, when the requirement for a second machine presented itself, we had no hesitation in purchasing our second machine from Gordian, as the existing machine has been so reliable and the service we receive from the field service engineers is very good.  I would recommend Gordian strapping equipment to any prospective companies wishing to purchase  strapping machines for their despatch departments."

Mervyn Ward, General Manager, Newsprint

"We bought our first StraPack machine 4 or 5 years ago when we upgraded from string tiers to strapping machines. We have been impressed by the build quality and had no reservations about buying a second one."

Paul Doherty, I.T. and Boundaries Manager, Flat Pack Furniture

"We had been using semi-automatic strappers, mostly manned by two staff members. This method was becoming increasingly inefficient, especially with larger items. We also have the issue of being a small batch manufacturer so time is precious.  It became clear that wide arch strapping machines were the way forward.  Having looked at various options we made contact with Gordian who were very proactive and keen to ensure we got the right equipment for the job.  After various discussions we ordered two RQ-8 wide arch strappers.  The machines clearly reduce packing time considerably and in some instances have facilitated us increasing single person packing even on the more bulky items. The efficiency gains are quite obvious."

Carl Doran , Operations Director, Protective Packaging

"We have been successfully operating with a Gordian Strapping machine since 2004 on one of our key product lines. To increase our output capability we needed another strapping machine for a new project, and given the very satisfactory trouble free performance we have had from the first machine that we have been using for the last eleven years, we had no hesitation in going back to Gordian Strapping. Throughout our ongoing relationship with Gordian we have always been very happy not just with the quality of the equipment itself, but with the top notch service & support."

Mark Wild, Project Manager, Gas Boilers

"Having used Strapping machines for a number of years, an opportunity arose to invest in some new units on our automated assembly line.  After researching the market, it became clear that Gordian Strapping ticked all the boxes, with regards to equipment, expertise & cost. They worked with us, every step of the way, from deciding on the best model to suit our business needs, right through to installation, which also included training operators with day to day issues (loading strapping & cleaning). I have no hesitation in recommending their equipment & business to others."

Matt Cornford, Production Manager, Corrugated

"We installed a new RQ-8CR/FR fully automated strapper with hold down device for our corrugated board back in 2010. It has performed admirably and has kept up with our production demands. If we’ve needed to call Gordian out for any reason, the service has been A1."

Keith Tart, Sales & Operations Director, RDF Waste Baling

"We have been working successfully with Gordian Strapping since 2013 and have found them to be a perfect partner in enabling us to develop the growing RDF market. We look forward to working together with them on future installations on twin ram balers with plastic strapping heads."

Paul Gent, Managing Director, Pet Foods & Bedding

"We bought a RQ-8X strapping machine as a replacement for another make which we had had a lot of trouble with. I have found the machine from Gordian to be robust and reliable and plan to stay with Gordian for our next purchase  as part of our continued expansion."

Vinny Arblaster, Large Format Production Manager,  Design & Print

"I came across the RQ-8 from one of our outsource print companies who like us have used strapping machines from other suppliers in the past and  have found them less than robust and very unreliable. The RQ-8 is the total opposite we find it user friendly, tough, reliable and consistent. Purchasing this machine has certainly improved our efficiency and visual impact of how we send out our packaging which hasn’t gone unnoticed with our customers. The service we have received from Gordian both pre and after installation has been outstanding and the odd time I have been in contact with the Engineer I found the response to be first class."

Adam Fanthorpe, Factory Manager, Fish & Seafood

"Mark looked after our needs superbly when we were looking at purchasing a new strapping machine. We had a couple of teething problems, and Mark and the team were extremely proactive in dealing with these and getting them sorted. Service and equipment both come highly recommended!"

Andrew Scott, Chairman, Sawn Timber Products

"The semi-automatic strapping machine we recently purchased from Gordian has been a success and met the target of halving our strapping costs. Initially, they gave us a machine to test in our proposed working environment. This was a success and gave us the peace of mind that it was more than capable of doing the job. On the back of that we have ordered a further two machines."

Steve Thompson, Sales Manager, Packaging Distribution

"From initial enquiry to installation and operator training  Gordian have offered first class response and a totally professional service. Our customer is so impressed that they plan on ordering a second machine shortly."

Robert Baker, Technical Director, Pet Foods

"Having seen a horizontal stretch wrapper running at another of Gordian’s customers, we were convinced that this was the right machine for us.  The stretch wrapping machine supplied by Gordian has proved to be very reliable, and we are delighted with it."

Simon Harratt, Ready-Mix Supervisor, Concrete Products

"Our previous OMS machine provided 20 years of reliable service, Gordian for us was an easy decision to make, we had no hesitation in choosing another OMS machine. The fact that they had a local Gordian engineer that was only 45 minutes away was a further factor in our decision making."

Graham Atkinson, Group Production Manager, Concrete Products

"We were impressed with the build quality and performance of the OMS machines. Gordian’s ability to support the machines with local service engineers was also an important factor in our decision making process."

Mat Gadsby, Factory Manager, Building Products

"Thank you for the excellent installation. The head is exactly as expected and performing admirably. Gordian Strapping’s installation team were exemplary (both in terms of safety and quality) and the training provided thus far has been perfectly targeted. I know the timescales were tight, and Gordian pulled out all of the stops to ensure it was completed on schedule."

Richard McClure, Owner and Managing Director, Animal Bedding

"I wanted a company who had the engineering ability, could provide reliable equipment and offer a service which could achieve our desired result. Gordian Strapping more than met our expectations and delivered the best possible outcome."

Keith McLean, Warehouse Manager, Tools

"Having used Gordian Strapping’s products for over 30 years, we have been impressed with the quality and service they provide. When it came to looking to improve our conveyor banding system, Gordian Strapping was the first and only choice."

Brian Blackmore, Operations Manager, Building Products

"I have worked with Gordian Strapping in the past and had no hesitation in using them again for this new strapping machine. The OMS equipment is robust and reliable, and Gordian’s engineers are first class."

Paul Drewery, Maintenance Manager, Food Processing

"The installation and commissioning went without a hitch and the system exceeds our expectations. This is the first strapping machine that Gordian Strapping has supplied to us. On the strength of the professionalism they have demonstrated as well as the superior reliability of their products, I would recommend them to anybody as a great partner."

Martyn Powell, Development Manager, Furniture

"Gordian Strapping were the only supplier we looked at that fully understood our project objectives and growth plans. Not only did they have the best technical solution, but they also have two local engineers each within an hour of our facility."

Jason Fewell, Group Engineering Manager, Dairy

"We are delighted with this new strapping system which ensures constant and even pressure on our blocks of cheese.  Gordian’s engineering team pulled out all the stops to install the new machine within a tight 48 hour window."

Gavin Williams, Operations Director, Corrugated

"The unit has proved to be very robust, reliable with efficiency at 99.8% machine availability running 24/6 and has been able to meet the substantial increase in production. The team at Gordian Strapping are able to offer mutual value which is key in developing long-term relationships. Like us, they pride themselves on the service and support they offer to their customers, from the first meeting through delivery and installation and aftercare maintenance."

Daniel Hart, Managing Director, Printing

"The OB-360 has been a real bonus to our packing facility. The team at Gordian Strapping quickly responded to our requirement and provided an excellent solution. We were impressed with the professional approach of Gordian’s sales team and we are delighted with the new machine."

John Tucker, Distribution Facilities Manager, Distribution & Logistics

"Gordian Strapping RQ-8 has proved itself in the demanding conditions of the distribution industry. The machines are maintained by Gordian’s engineers who provide a first class service."

Lionel Pewtner, Engineering Manager, Building Products

"This new machine from Gordian Strapping provides increased reliability and will help us respond to increased customer demand.  The OMS heads perform consistently well in tough conditions."

Anthony Holley, Regional General Manager, Waste management

"The quality of the OMS strapping heads and backup from a nationwide team of 12 service engineers makes Gordian Strapping an ideal partner for this project."

Tim Swetnam, Production Manager, Bottling

"Gordian Strapping system was especially attractive due to the reductions in time and costs it provides us with and the safety features to protect our employees."

Ian Haley, Engineering Manager, Building Products

"The new Gordian Strapping machine has resulted in less downtime and improved productivity. We have been delighted with the installation process and the performance of the machine."

Phil Hollis, Facilities & Maintenance Supervisor, Motor Parts

"the Gordian Strapping machine is fast, reliable, easy to use and has minimal maintenance requirements that give me peace of mind."

Alan Spencer, Production Manager, Building Products

"The new Gordian Strapping packaging line has resulted in lower packaging costs and less downtime. Gordian’s engineering team has been very professional throughout the installation."